Colleen Slater & Edwin Boiten here and we have a very special offer for you on our Amazon plugin.

Your Amazon affiliate Conversions WILL improve
or we do not want YOUR money

We are 100% convinced that if you use the Azon Deal Alert plugin on your Amazon affiliate sites that your conversions will improve. And to show that we are not kidding with the "not wanting your money" in case this plugin fails to deliver that...we ask, no we even demand you ask us a refund if after implementing this plugin your Amazon sales and conversions do not improve.

Do we have a deal on that?

Let me show you why we are making this bold claim and why we are convinced tat using this plugin on your Amazon affiliate sites will improve the conversions.

Azon Deal Alert uses a physiological trick that most people can not resist. The visitor on your Amazon affiliate site is there because they are interested in the product you reffer to so they are already in a stage of buying mood.

#1 Awareness of Need
#2 Information Search
#3 Evaluation of Alternatives
#4 Purchase decision
#5 Purchase

They are either in the #2 or #3 phase and it's your job as an affiliate to confirm that the product they had in mind is the right one or give them the best alternative.

Each stage is important but the 4th stage is one of the most important ones. A consumer needs to be able to rationalize why they spend the money on the product they buy. And that is where
Azon Deal Alertjumps in. Because the plugin will give the consumer the "excuses" they need as it will indicate the savings they get if they buy it right now.

The consumer is able to him/her self "I found a great deal on it"

And that is a trigger in the process as with each purchase you make you either consciously or unconsciously need to have a confirmation that you made a good decission.

Look at yourself and at your own buying behaviour....if you know you can get a great deal on a product you were looking for already you ar emuch more likely to jump on it.

Azon Deal Alert is really an easy set and forget plugin that will do all the work for you. No matter how much products you have on your sites, the plugin will check it for you and show the alert box the moment a product is on sale

Using and configuring the plugin is also very easy. All you do is enter your Amazon details and set the other options. You can change the wordings in the box totally how youy like. you have options that will make the product name, price, discount appear at the place you like and of coursean option for the call to action. You can use either a text link or upload an button and use that 
Azon Deal Alert is really an easy and we are 100% sure you will like this plugin when you see the conversions improve.

And you have nothing to lose because we realy mean it that only if your conversions improve and thus you start to earn more commission from Amazon we want you to keep the plugin.

If not then we urge you to ask for a refund and we will give you that without any trouble. Closing etc